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Baseball Power Rankings

1. East Dubuque 6 – 3

We know they got beaten badly twice on Saturday, but until then were poised as the team to beat.

2. RR/SM 7 - 2

Wildcats split with the Warhawks in the first of several major showdowns in the loaded West.

3. Fulton 7 - 3

Fulton wasn't challenged this past week, but they shouldn't drop just because the competition was weak.

4. Warren/Stockton 4 - 3

Don't look now, but the traditional power is coming back. Split with RR/SM was big for the Warhawks.

5. Eastland 7 - 3

Cougars dropped two, but the loss to East Dubuque hurt more as they were shut down by the Warriors.

6. Dakota...


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