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 By Dan Stevens    News    April 1, 2020 

It's Not Over Yet

We will be the first to admit that when we broke the story regarding the non-renewal of Colleen Fox as the Superintendent of Stockton Schools, the wording was firm and incendiary due to the profound...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    April 1, 2020 
Best Of All Time Questionnaire

Best Of All Time

Okay, so there may not be any High School sports going on right now, but that doesn't mean we can't argue about our favorite sideline obsession. So, who do you think was the best athlete at...

 By Dan Stevens    Opinion    April 1, 2020 

Point To Ponder

Now, before anybody gets mad and starts sending us nasty emails about how we are being too flippant regarding the Quarantine and that our April Fool’s issue was in poor taste … I see part of my...


April Fool

Pritzker Ousted In a remarkable move, Springfield has kicked out Governor Pritzker and his entire leadership cabinet. "With all of the issues we are facing right now, there was no way we could...

 By Dan Stevens    News    April 1, 2020 

When Science & Faith Collide

It was the angry murmur throughout Lena – How could the Beloved Church be holding services on Sunday with large crowds of people when we were all under the Governor's Stay at Home Order that banned...

 By Dan Stevens    News    March 25, 2020

This Too Shall Pass

There’s no way to sugarcoat it – the “New Normal” has people sitting at home alone, unable to gather in any form of social setting, store supplies being hoarded by those seeing a doomsday...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 25, 2020

Snyder Stepping Down

As if the Stockton Blackhawks needed something else to deal with over the summer, now they will also be needing to find a new football coach. Head coach Jesse Snyder resigned his position last week in...

 By Dan Stevens    Opinion    March 25, 2020

Point To Ponder

I have now seen my wife more in the last week than I did in the last three months. (That’s not necessarily a good thing, I tend to fray nerves.) As the Coronavirus Quarantine drags on, everyone...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 18, 2020

Voices All Area Boys Team

Kudos go out to the Dakota Indians and the amazing season they had, which may have ended in the Sectional final, but they were still the last area team standing and earned that privilege. And while In...


Bronco "Odd" Was Entertaining

I only found out the week of the show, but I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing Orangeville's production of the Neil Simon Classic, the Odd Couple last weekend. I honestly had no idea, other...

 By Dan Stevens    Opinion    March 18, 2020

Point To Ponder

Living in our little corner of Northwest Illinois, not much really makes a big impact on our everyday lives. Sure, we might have a storm come through, and seasonal flooding can be a royal pain in the...

 By Dan Stevens    News    March 18, 2020

Corona Quarantine

What started out as the postponement and cancellations of sporting events on television, came home to our corner of Northwest Illinois as Illinois shut down the schools, the casinos, banned events... Full story

 By Dan Stevens    News    March 18, 2020

Agree To Disagree

Village Voices wasn’t the only outlet asking questions when the official press release regarding Lowell Crow leaving as City Manager was first released. A second release was sent out Tuesday, March...

 By Dan Stevens    Business    March 18, 2020

Cancellations Hit Voice Awards

Before you misread that headline, the annual Voice Awards are still on and set to be presented on March 6th beginning at 7:00 pm at the Masonic Temple in Freeport. However, due to the cancellation of...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 11, 2020

Heroic Effort

The Indian Creek Timberwolves came into the Sectional undefeated and ranked #1 in the State in Class 1A, so it was understandable that they might not be too worried about taking on a Panther team...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 11, 2020

Voices All Area Girls Team

It was an amazing season in Girl's Basketball this year, and nobody is more excited to congratulate the Eastland Cougars on reaching the pinnacle that for so long seemed unreachable – State Champion...

 By Dan Stevens    Opinion    March 11, 2020

Point To Ponder

Normally, I try not to make use of any of the jokes floating around on the internet. Few of them tickle me like real life situations, and most people have already heard them and passed them on to...

 By Dan Stevens    News    March 11, 2020

Here We Go Again?

Whenever a cryptic press release that prompts more questions than it answers is received by our office, it tends to spark us into action. And, well, we got another one. “Effective Immediately,...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 4, 2020

Overcoming Illness

The Eastland Cougars were hit with a pretty tough blow even before their Regional game against Forreston took place when it was learned that starting forward, senior Brock Coatney, had the flu and...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 4, 2020

Dawgs vs Cats Round Three

They both had two very different routes to get there, but following Monday night's Regional action in Pearl City, the Aquin Bulldogs and Lena-Winslow Panthers are set to square off for the third time...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 4, 2020

Size Doesn't Matter

There were several Eastland fans who decided to stay to watch the second game between Scales Mound and Orangeville out of curiosity. "I've never see them play this year," said Karl Henze. But while th...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 4, 2020

"Matz"-imum Effort

Opposing teams know that Isaiah Bruce is a load in the paint for Lena-Winslow, and Sean Ormiston plays much bigger than himself, but when you go over the scouting report on the Panthers, Caleb Matz...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 4, 2020

Physicality Is A Factor

The Regional semifinal between the Eastland Cougars and Scales Mound Hornets had a couple of really strong storylines running underneath it. On the one hand, the Cougars came in literally "sick" with...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 4, 2020

All Hail Henze

Erin Henze was a little disappointed that she kind of got hosed in the three point competition at Pecatonica when the official stopped her on the last rack and told her she had to shoot from the...

 By Dan Stevens    Sports    March 4, 2020

Panthers Deliver A Pounding

Nobody thought it would look like this. Yes, Eastland was suffering from illness on their team, in fact Brock Coatney had just come back to school after battling the flu so badly that his twin sister...


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