We don't write papers, we build scrapbooks

About Village Voices

First founded in 2001, Village Voices is a small weekly newspaper in Northwest Illinois that centers its' coverage around the nine school districts within our coverage area. We are a member of the Illinois Press Association, and have won numerous awards over the course of our history - including being named the Best Weekly Newspaper of any size back in 2006. But our biggest claim to fame was establishing the Voice Awards - theatrical honorary scholarship program - that takes place each May at the Masonic Temple in Freeport, Illinois.

Unlike most weeklies who fill their pages with press releases, Village Voices still delivers hard news when appropriate, but prides itself on "Creating Scrapbooks" for our area kids. While everyone loves our local sports coverage, we are the only publication that also delivers Theater Reviews, as well as coverage of Academic Bowl competitions, Speech Meets, and other High School activities that are often overlooked.

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