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The Size Of The Heart

On paper, Sterling Newman was stronger than the Eastland Cougars – with a pair of high scoring stars in seniors Marcus Williams and Ethan Van Lunduit. Even at full strength the Cougars would have been hard pressed to pull out the win – but they were already down a player as Carson Heeren was out with an emergency appendectomy the morning of the game.

Things didn’t start well for the Cougars either as Williams drained a pair of three point bombs as the Comets pulled out to the early 13-11 lead at the end of the first quarter.

“Our interior post defense wasn’t strong early in the game,” said Cou...


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karlhenze1 writes:

Thanks for your coverage of area sports. We appreciate the articles, pictures, and insight. We are especially thankful for your kind words about Kellen- this was a heartbreaking night. So, your words provided a little ray of sunshine!

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