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Volleyball Power Rankings

1. Galena 24–0-1

Okay, okay, we’ve seen enough. Aquin is great, but Galena ... Damn! That’s really all we can say ... damn.

2. Aquin 18 – 2

Aquin cleared the Dakota hurdle on the road for a huge win. Dropped to second due to Pirate power.

3. Dakota 18–6-1

For the second time in their conference battles, Dakota took Aquin to three games ... but fell short.

4. Eastland 15 – 5

Eastland should continue to beat up on the South, but will that get them ready for the post season?

5. Pearl City 21–6-1

Wolves got a big win over Duarnd on the road, but worries over third game melt downs persist.

6. Duran...


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