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Stockton FFA Update

On January 29th, Stockton high school and middle school students competed in the Section One Poultry Evaluation CDE. At this contest, students must grade eggs, judge laying hens, grade chicken carcasses, and more.

The high school team placed 2nd overall. Individually, Arya Scott placed 2nd, Wes Drane placed 4th, Kendra Robledo placed 9th, and Kaylynn Brunner placed 10th.

The middle school team placed 1st overall. Individually, Mason Kloepping placed 1st, Aftyn Mager placed 2nd, Jacob Craft placed 4th, Leah Chumbler placed 5th, and Trinity Bertucci placed 8th.

On February 3rd, the Stockton FFA...


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