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Baseball Power Rankings

1. East Dubuque 14 – 8

Warrior got a cake-walk week to pad their record and sit still in the top spot while everyone else struggles.

2. Fulton 13 - 6

Just when Fulton lookoed like a major power, they get swept by the Warhawks. So who's #2?

2. Le-Win 11 - 3 - 1

I know, I know, I've got a lot of teams at #2, but nobody is strepping up to prove that they deserve it.

2. Pearl City 12 - 8

Wolves are another strong squad we're waiting to see emerge. Split with the Panthers was vital.

2. War/Stock 8 - 6

Warhawks were due to drop after Eastland loss, then bounce back to sweep Fulton, so ... go figure....


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