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Baseball Power Rankings

1. East Dubuque 8 – 6

Warriors are a power, but are also proof how strong the NUIC West is this season.

2. RR/SM 9 - 3

Wildcats follow up split with Warhawks with another with East Dubuque - which might be bigger.

3. Fulton 10 - 4

Fulton popped Galena, then found out the hard way why they can never be overlooked in a 3-1 loss.

4. Warren/Stockton 6 - 3

Warhawks got an easy week with West Carroll, but a loaded West awaits them, so we'll see for sure soon.

5. Eastland 9 - 5

Cougars should be feasting on the South, but they aren't which makes falling in the ranks quite possible.

6. Pearl City 8 -...


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