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 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    December 23, 2020

One Man's Opinion

I’ve searched every available outlet. I am without success anywhere to find a sensible reason to close our restaurants and bars. They have a ridiculously low infection rate for COVID. It’s 1.4 per...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    December 2, 2020

One Man's Opinion

No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Quite the contrary. I love listening to all sides of a discussion. I’m writing this on the 24th of November, just 21 days after arguably the most controversial...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    September 2, 2020

One Man's Opinion

I received a letter from a very nice lady scolding me for my continued support of President Trump. Her letter to me merits an article, as I’m sure others have similar views which is shocking and...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    July 22, 2020

One Man's Opinion

Having had the honor and privilege of serving thirty years in law enforcement, I have often reflected on the amazing changes that occurred throughout that time. Changes not only in the law enforcement...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    June 24, 2020

One Man's Opinion

Are we not the land of the free and the home of the brave? Since May 25, 2020, the day George Floyd, a hand cuffed, totally compliant black man was murdered by Minneapolis Police Officer Derrick...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    May 27, 2020

One Man's Opinion

I truly marvel at the continuing and “stepped up” efforts of the far left to do all they can to destroy not only the Presidency of Donald Trump, but to destroy him personally as well. It...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    May 6, 2020

One Man's Opinion

When we first started hearing about the Wuhan Virus, which has transitioned to Covid 19, projected deaths were over 2.5 million. These projections were based on models which, since early March, have...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    October 23, 2019

One Man's Opinion

Impeachment For What?? You must ask yourself that question. In a phrase, the far-left side of the democratic party and the majority of any main steam media CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS, simply put, “des...

 By Jim Sacia    Opinion    October 2, 2019

One Man's Opinion

In my last column I shared some frustration with Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre of the NRA. I accept the public criticism of retired Lt. Col. and second vice president of the NRA Willes Lee...


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